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Satphone Buyer's Guide

SatPhone Store
Buyer’s Guide

The Client – SatPhone Store

Since 1976 Atlantic Radio Telephone has been providing communication and navigation solutions to those who find themselves “off the grid.” In 1999 Atlantic Radio Telephone created SatPhoneStore.com to focus on the growing demand for satellite communications. In 2005, they introduced the SatStation line of accessories for satellite phone users, including docking stations, desktop battery chargers and portable solar power.

In 2015, SatPhone Store was in need of a quality printed catalog to accompany the online store. It was imperative that the catalog would appeal to their client base, primarily people who worked or played “off the grid.” The catalog needed to both inform their clientele, as well as show dependability and quality.

Previously, SatPhone Store, as well as the satellite phone industry in general, produced catalogs and other marketing materials in-house, but it was not their expertise. As a result, the catalogs were often not organized well, and feature products were not highlighted on the printed page from a marketing perspective. As publication experts, Stern Bloom Media was hired to help. Our goal was two-fold:

  • Streamline the process of receiving SatPhone Store catalog materials and organizing it into a comprehensive, yet attractive catalog layout. At the same time, we needed meet the needs of the different manufacturer’s specifications information.
  • Make the content easy to navigate and visually enjoyable for the user.

  • Stern Bloom Media has been producing technically sound, beautifully designed publications since 1998. We applied our carefully crafted expertise of magazine and book layout to the SatPhone Store design and production.
  • SBM encouraged SatPhone Store to redesign its catalog to feature a modern, clean, sleek and easy-to-read design. This was accomplished through careful consideration of the brand’s unique look and feel, while at the same time keeping a consistent theme across all products being featured. The approach ensured easy implementation of text from page to page, minimizing the number of corrections, while also reducing the catalog page count – saving SatPhone Store significant dollars on printing costs.
  • Bringing the catalog design to SBM not only saved SatPhone Store time and money by using efficient and qualified designers, but it also gave Satphone Store more control over the creative process, along with faster turnaround time. SBM took the process one step further by offering imaging and color-correction work in-house, while preparing the images for the catalog use.

SBM has been able to streamline the design, layout and production of the SatPhone Store catalog. Multiple catalogs are now being produced in less time, increasing production efficiency, and reaching multiple target audeinces. The success of the SBM designed catalogs for SatPhone Store have had a direct result to their bottom-line by way of increased traffic to their website and sales.

Spirit Wear, Inc. Cheer Dance Catalogue

Spirit Wear, Inc.
Cheer Dance Catalogue

The Client – Spirit Wear

Spirit Wear, Inc. has been outfitting America’s cheerleaders since 1998, and is currently the largest manufacturer of cheerleading uniforms in South Florida. In 2010, they came to Stern Bloom Media for a much-needed catalogue redesign.

Spirit Wear  Previous Catalogue

Spirit Wear – Previous Catalogue

Spirit Wear’s previous catalogue was amateurish in everything from photography, layout, design, and concept. They were also in need of a logo. Another huge challenge was that they were competing with larger manufacturers of cheerleading uniforms whose marketing materials had the look and feel of the Midwest marketplace, where the business is most prominent. Spirit Wear’s catalogue featured non-professional models that did not reflect their target consumer.

  • Stern Bloom Media held auditions for a model search for the catalogue and ultimately hired a great mix of professional girls from all ethnicities and backgrounds with an “all-American cheerleader” look.
  • We shot the girls on a professional set with our own Director of Photography, Carlos Hidalgo, as well as make-up artists and clothing stylists.
  • All images were color corrected and professionally silhouetted.
  • We created a new Spirit Wear logo that appropriately reflected the image of the brand.
  • Our Art Director created an overall concept for the catalogue that included well-organized sections, color-coding, and an appealing, clean design that would not detract form the merchandise being featured. The newly designed concept appealed to the target audience.
  • Our graphic designers worked diligently to complete the catalogue in time for Spirit Wear’s annual trade show – which was critical to Spirit Wear developing new business.

Spirit Wear – Catalogue by Stern Bloom Media

Spirit Wear – Catalogue by Stern Bloom Media

Spirit Wear reported that the catalogue was received “beyond their expectations” at the trade show, and sales nearly doubled in that year alone as a result of the new catalogue. Spirit Wear has since redesigned its website to reflect the catalogue design, changed all marketing materials to use the SBM-created logo, and continues to use the SBM-created catalogue for sales, with updated inserts.

Gulfstream Park 75th Anniversary Hardcover

Gulfstream Park 75th
Anniversary Hardcover

The Client – Gulfstream Park

Gulfstream Park has been dedicated to providing world-class thoroughbred racing and gaming entertainment in South Florida for 75 years. To commemorate this milestone, they wanted to produce a limited edition hard cover book that would be something desirable and treasured by their racing audience.

Over the past 75 years, Gulfstream Park had accumulated tens of thousands of photographs, newspaper clippings and memorabilia that were not organized in any fashion, nor stored in one locale. Stern Bloom Media’s challenge went above and beyond conceptualizing a memorable and appealing design for the anniversary book. SBM needed to compile and organize literally stacks of photographs, and piece them together to tell a detailed history, both visually and editorially, in only 242 pages.

  • We went on location to photograph historic images that were in-house.
  • SBM took additional photos of priceless memorabilia at our in-house photo studio.
  • Our team organized photographs and information in order to be able to map out chapters.
  • Old photos were color-corrected without compromising their vintage feel.
  • We researched different paper samples and covers to ensure the best possible quality, reflective of the 75th Anniversary image.
  • Our design team conceptualized a stunning layout that really captured the authenticity and integrity of the horses’, jockeys’, and trainers’ images.
  • We facilitated the entire printing process to ensure the optimal reproduction of our files on press.

A direct quote from the folks at Gulfstream Park says it all:

“So much has happened over the past 75 years at Gulfstream, and we felt this was the perfect opportunity to honor Gulfstream’s past, present and future,” said Gulfstream Park President and The Stronch Group’s Chief Operations Officer, Tim Ritvo. “[Stern Bloom Media] did a wonderful job of compiling photographs and researching this historical thoroughbred facility and detailing its past. The photography is beautiful and the stories memorable. I was amazed to read and look at photos from Opening Day in 1939 all the way to this winter. The book will preserve our history while we eagerly look ahead to all the great things that will be happening at Gulfstream in the future.”