So Juicy!

So Juicy

In a day and age when we’re all self-proclaimed photographers boasting selfie skills, Instagram filters and glorifying what we had for lunch yesterday, little credit is being given to the delicate art of professional photography.
When it comes to advertising and marketing, of our five senses, sight is arguably, the most stimulated. Up to 90% of what our brain processes is visual and the average advertiser is banking on it. Knowing this, it stands to reason that stunning product photography is vital in influencing your customers’ buying decisions.
Have you ever seen an ad for a strawberry so juicy, it makes your mouth water? Or a glass of wine so crisp, it makes you feel like you should be curled up on your couch sipping it? Or how about an image of the rounded sleek curves of the latest smart phone to hit the market, that is begging you to dial on it? These images are relying on your sensory perception to run out and purchase it. In these examples, the professional product photographer has done his job.
A professional product photographer uses a variety of studio skills to make sure you see and feel those products. They take into account lighting, shading, backdrops and angles—all crucial elements to producing quality photos that highlight precision and distinction. For any business, product photography that invokes action and motivates buyers, is an essential investment for success.
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